It’s not always easy to start a diet, especially a ketogenic diet. Change is always difficult in the beginning but the promise of the riches that await you at the end are worth it. Starting a ketogenic diet doesn’t necessarily have to be painful if you prepare well for it. Here are a few tips to help you learn the best way to start keto.

best way to start keto diet

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Best Way to Start Keto

Starting a ketogenic diet is not child’s play. You will feel like giving up and for this reason, you need to be particular about what you want to achieve with this diet. Following a ketogenic diet has a number of benefits including weight loss, higher energy levels and an enhanced feeling of well-being among others.

It is not only important for motivation but it will also affect the way you should go about your diet. For instance, your ketogenic diet will have a different composition in case you want to achieve muscle gain as compared to when you want to just lose weight.

Another important thing you need to figure out is the least amount of time you’re willing to give to this new diet. No matter how strong your will is, there will be times when you’ll feel like giving up. This is where you need to be strong.

By keeping this number in mind before starting the diet, you will be able to get over this mental barrier. So, give it a try for at least 7 to 10 days before you think of giving up.

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Beginning the Ketogenic Diet

Whenever you start a new diet or make a major lifestyle change, choose the right day. When beginning a ketogenic diet, it is important that you pick a week where you are not going to face any stressful challenges. Don’t travel during week and do not plan any parties.

It could be stressful and if you have other events planned for that week that are likely to induce stress, it will be extremely challenging for you to maintain your schedule. So, the first thing you need to do is pick a less stressful week to start.

Clear Your Pantry

If you have non-ketogenic foods lying around, it will be difficult for you to make that leap to the keto lifestyle. So, clear your pantry and refrigerator. Any food that is not part of ketogenic diet should be not be in your pantry or your refrigerator. Give it to your friends or family members or co-workers or just donate it.

Shopping List

Prepare your keto food list. Put these in your refrigerator and pantry. Now, you have absolutely no reason to stray off your diet. If you have non-ketogenic foods in your pantry or refrigerator, you will be tempted, and you will give up. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you do not have any non-ketogenic foods near you.

Experts recommend eating as much protein and fat as you want in the initial days but stay clear of net carbohydrates. Some experts recommend keeping your carbohydrate consumption per day limited to a maximum of 25 g in the initial weeks.

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Overall, beginning a ketogenic diet is going to be stressful. You will find it challenging and you will feel like giving up. Follow the above mentioned tips and you will find it less challenging to stick to your diet.

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