Aging, health and ketosis

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Aging causes some decline in the way we work, but that doesn’t mean the process needs to be isolated. Unfortunately, many seniors experience it differently …

A diet rich in carbohydrates, with processed foods, often prescribed for people of this age group for convenience, can turn the aging process into something uncomfortable and debilitating.

However, you can support mental and physical health at any age through better nutrition. To answer our question at the outset: yes, there are many benefits of a ketogenic diet for seniors.


Benefits of a ketogenic diet

Here are some examples of problems older people may face in their daily life and the ability to relieve or even eliminate them from ketosis and eat healthy ketogenic foods:

Bone Health: Osteoporosis, in which bones become brittle and brittle, is one of the most common diseases in older men and women. Getting more calcium from daily dairy products, as often recommended, is obviously not the answer. This can be seen from the fact that countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis have the highest milk consumption. It is much better to focus on a ketogenic diet that contains few toxins that can affect absorption and is also rich in many micronutrients than consuming too much of a particular micronutrient (calcium).


  • Inflammation: For many people, aging involves more pain from injuries that occurred at a young age or from joint problems such as arthritis. Being in ketosis can help reduce the production of cytokines that promote inflammation. This can help with such pain and disease
  • Insulin resistance: Some seniors in our society are overweight and need to be treated for insulin-related diseases, such as diabetes. This condition is serious as diabetes can lead to vision problems, kidney disease and more. The ketogenic diet can definitely lead to a reduction in insulin resistance, the promotion of better insulin sensitivity and thus alleviate or even avoid diabetes.
  • Nutrient Deficiency: Older people tend to have a greater lack of important nutrients such as
  • Vitamin D: Deficiency leads to cognitive impairment in the elderly, increases the risk of heart disease and may even contribute to cancer risk
  • Vitamin B12: Insufficiency can lead to neurological diseases such as dementia.
  • Iron: Deficiency can lead to brain fog and fatigue
  • Fats: Lack of fats can cause problems with perception, skin, vision and vitamin deficiency.
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The high-quality animal protein sources of the ketogenic diet can easily be excellent sources of these important nutrients.


Importance of ketosis for aging

Ketogenic foods provide a high amount of nutrients per calorie. This is important because the basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories needed to survive each day) is lower for older people, but they still need the same amount of nutrients as younger people.

A person aged 65 and over will find it much more difficult to make a living on junk food than a teenager or 20 year old whose body is even more resilient. It is all the more important for older people to eat foods that support health and fight disease. This can make a significant difference in being able to enjoy life to the fullest or in suffering and torturing.

Therefore, seniors must follow an optimal diet by avoiding, for example, the “empty calories” from sugar and increasing their amount of nutrient-rich fats and proteins.

In addition, many of the foods selected by the elderly (or those that are administered in hospitals or clinical institutions) are often subjected to heavy processing and very few nutrients. For example white bread, pasta, mashed potatoes, pudding, etc.

It is quite clear that the widespread high-carbohydrate diet is not necessarily the best way to support seniors and their long-term health. A low-carbohydrate diet, high in animal and vegetable fats, is much more beneficial for promoting better insulin sensitivity, preventing cognitive decline, and better overall health.

There is an interesting study in mice that examines how ketogenic diets can reduce average mortality and improve memory.

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The ketogenic diet controls blood sugar

As we discussed earlier, there is a link between high blood sugar and brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s. Some factors that can contribute to Alzheimer’s are:

  • An excessive intake of carbohydrates, especially sugar, which is drastically reduced in the ketogenic diet
  • Cellular aging, which can be reduced by the ketogenic diet
  • The lack of fat and cholesterol in the diet is abundant and healthy in the ketogenic diet.

Using a ketogenic diet to control blood sugar and generally improve nutrition can not only help improve insulin response but also protect against memory problems that often occur with age.


Ketogenic diet for longevity

Regardless of our age, it’s never a bad idea to improve your chances of feeling good and functioning optimally for the rest of your life. It is never too late to make improvements. The sooner we start, the better our chances of preventing disease. Even for those who haven’t treated the body for many years, as would have been appropriate, senior ketosis has the potential to repair some of the damage.

The first positive dietary changes that regulate healthy weight, blood sugar, immunity, and more, the greater the chance that you will later experience less pain and illness and enjoy a better life.


Reduce the amount of food in old age

Older people generally eat less. The lower calorie intake can easily lead to a reduction in energy if the metabolism is based on carbohydrates. In ketosis, the energy can remain more constant even if the person eats less.

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It is important to always have ketogenic snacks on hand. You can find a good selection in our shop!



The ketogenic diet can help us alleviate or even avoid many ailments that can occur in old age. It is important, especially in old age, to take care of the right supplementation during a ketogenic diet so that, for example, the muscles do not lose more than they normally do and to relieve symptoms such as the keto flu. The earlier you start a healthy diet, the better the quality of life in old age. And when we write about healthy eating, we obviously immediately think about the ketogenic diet!

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