When you are on keto diet, you get a lot of questions running through your head. And this one of them whether coconut milk keto friendly and whether it has any benefits on keto diet. In this post, we will talk about coconut milk on keto diet and will definitely try our best to represent the whole concept of coconut milk for you if you are following the keto diet.

What Is Coconut Milk?

coconut milk

Coconut milk is a type of beverage which has been taken from coconut. Coconut milk contains fat, protein, and fiber in it. Coconut milk is made from the meat of coconuts which have been grated or processed so that coconut cream is separated from a copra-water mixture. Coconut milk has less carbs than almond milk, soy milk, or cow’s milk but still provides you with protein. It also has potassium and healthy fats that promote weight loss goals.

Is Coconut Milk Keto Friendly?

Yes, coconut milk is 100% keto friendly. Coconut milk is low in carbs, so it can be consumed on keto diet.

I know what you’re thinking! Coconut milk is full of sugar and carbs, so how can it be keto? Well, I am here to tell you that there are a lot of ways coconut milk can work for the keto diet. First off, many people who do not have an allergy or sensitivity to coconut can use this as their main dairy product. Secondly, coconut milk is actually low in carbohydrates which make it perfect for those following a keto diet. Lastly, if you are sensitive to lactose or just want something different than whole cow’s milk then this may be your answer.

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Can I Drink Coconut Milk on Keto?

Coconut milk is one of the best options for those who want to be on ketogenic. It has fewer carbs and more fat than dairy milk but it’s not as high in protein content like almond or soy milks. Coconut provides healthy fats that can help with weight loss, especially because they make us feel fuller longer without storing any fat (which means we burn calories faster!).

The only downside about this type of beverage is that it contains natural sugars which might lead some people towards having cravings over time since sugar is addictive- just like other types of food products. So keep track of your coconut milk intake and try to regulate how much you drink per day.

What Are Benefits of Coconut Milk on Keto Diet?

Coconut milk has many health benefits to offer. It provides us with a lot of energy and improves metabolism which means that you get more calories burned per day. Coconut milk has fewer carbohydrates than dairy milk but more carbs then almond or soy milks.

It also contains high levels of medium chain fatty acids that can aid weight loss since they help you feel fuller for longer periods of time while not storing fat like other types of fats would do to your body. The saturated fat content is lower then cow’s milk making this an excellent option if you need to be mindful about eating too much animal product at once (since there should only be a maximum of 60 grams or so per day if you are following the keto diet).

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How to Choose Coconut Milk for Keto?

If you want to use this type of product, then make sure that the ingredients list includes unsweetened or full-fat coconut milk (meaning it is made from 100% pure coconuts). You might have to go for organic coconut milk brands which are made from pure coconuts and don’t contain any added sugar or other preservatives.

Coconut Milk Nutrition Facts:

One cup of coconut milk has 90 calories, 12 grams of fat (saturated), 13.25 grams carbs with about 15% being sugar content and no protein or fiber in it.

Note: The nutrition facts for coconut milk also depends on the brands and how pure is their coconut milk.

How to Make Coconut Milk at Home?

To make coconut milk at home, you will need a blender and grated or shredded coconut. Blend this with some water until it becomes creamy then store the mixture in an airtight container if not using right away. You can also use almond milk to create a creamier blend which is popular for those who are on keto diet but don’t want to use only animal products as their main dairy product.

I recommend adding salt, vanilla extract, or sugar substitute (like stevia) beforehand so that your mix isn’t too plain tasting when drinking it straight from the glass- just be mindful of how much you add since these ingredients have carbs and may lead towards cravings over time like any other type of food would do!

Here’s a video how to make coconut milk at home to be used on keto:

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Use of Coconut Milk on Keto

This type of milk is perfect for breakfast, especially if you are using it with eggs. If you are looking for a low carb alternative to cow’s milk, coconut milk is your best bet. It has many uses including being used as an ingredient in smoothies or baked goods like cakes and muffins. You can also use it as an addition to coffee or tea- just make sure not to add any sugar!


Coconut milk is an excellent addition to anyone’s low carb diet when following the keto lifestyle. It has many health benefits and provides us with more energy, keeps metabolism up which means we are burning calories faster then before while still feeling full for longer periods of time without storing any fat (which would lead towards weight gain).

The only downside to coconut milk is it’s high in sugar content (around 15%) which might lead one towards cravings over time since it contains natural sugars. Keeping track of how much you drink on a daily basis and trying not to have more then one cup per day can help with this problem.

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