Can you have sweet potatoes on keto diet? This is one of the most common questions people have about this popular diet. The answer might surprise you. You can eat sweet potatoes on a keto diet, but there are some caveats that come with it. In this blog post, we will discuss how sweet potatoes affect your ketogenic diet and whether or not they should be included in your meals while on the plan.

What are sweet potatoes?

what are sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a sweet, starchy root vegetable with orange flesh. They are at the top of many people’s favorite vegetables list due to their sweet taste and versatility in cooking. Sweet potatoes can be baked, mashed or eaten raw as chips for an afternoon snack on keto-friendly foods.

What are the health benefits of sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes offer a variety of health benefits including boosting your immune system, helping with weight loss and providing vitamin C. They also have high levels of potassium which can help lower blood pressure as well as beta-carotene for antioxidant protection to keep skin looking healthy and glowing.

Sweet potatoes nutrition facts:

Baked 500 grams of sweet potatoes contains:

  •  421 calories
  •  11.73 grams of protein
  •  77g carbs, 62g sugar (natural sweetener), and about 0.36g of fat
  •  11100 IU or 100% Vitamin A and 17600 mg calcium.
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Can you have sweet potatoes on keto diet?

sweet potatoes on keto diet

YES and NO. According to above information we can see that sweet potatoes contains high amount of carbs which is not good at all for someone who is following keto diet. But you can still have a small portion of sweet potatoes on keto. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind when including sweet potatoes as a part of your ketogenic meal plan.

The sweet potato is a higher-carb food, which means that it can interfere with the ketogenic diet. For example, if you are limited to 20g of carbs per day and have two servings of sweet potatoes in one meal (100 grams each), then this would account for 40g or 80% of your daily carb intake. You can still enjoy sweet potatoes on keto but you need to be mindful of how many carbs they contain.

What is sweet potatoes’ effect on ketosis?

Sweet potatoes are a starchy sweet vegetable. They can cause inflammation in the body and increase blood sugar levels, which will throw your ketogenic diet off balance. This is because sweet potatoes have properties that you won’t find with other vegetables such as high levels of carbohydrates, sugars and starch which all break down into glucose within our bodies.

How do sweet potatoes affect your body if you’re following a ketogenic diet?

Most people who follow a ketogenic diet adhere to it by limiting carbohydrate intake so that they can limit glucose production from the liver. Carbohydrates are turned into sugar when consumed which will end up being stored as fat instead of used for energy once inside muscle cells. One medium sweet potato contains about 22 grams of carbohydrates and one serving (or sweet potato) has about 45 grams. This is a lot of carbohydrates compared to what keto dieters usually eat, so sweet potatoes should be eaten in moderation on this type of diet.

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In general, sweet potatoes are not recommended for people who want to lose weight or burn fat because they contain too many carbs and calories per serving size.

Instead, sweet potatoes can make an excellent side dish when you have cooked chicken breast as your main course at dinner time since it will add some color and flavor without adding any additional sugar content from the sweet potato itself.

Sweet potatoes can also be used in desserts like sweet potato pie or baked goods with starches such as cornstarch mixed into them to give them extra sweetness.

Sweet potatoes can also be boiled and mashed into sweet potato baby food for babies who are not yet eating solid foods or adults with different dietary needs due to illness, allergies or just personal preferences.


So is it possible to eat sweet potatoes on a keto diet?

Yes! Just because they are high in carbohydrates doesn’t mean that you should avoid them completely while following this type of plan – especially if other people in your household may enjoy the sweet taste of these root vegetables as well. The key here is moderation so that everything else you eat during the day balances out what you’re having at dinner time instead. For example, add some steamed broccoli (low carb) on the side along with grilled chicken breast (low carb) and sweet potatoes for a filling, balanced meal that will leave you feeling satisfied without exhausting your body with too many carbs.

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